Father's Day Under $75

Believe it or not, Father's Day will be here in a few short weeks. Where has the time gone?! If this year is zooming past you faster than your toddler on a candy hunt, you may have completely forgotten about gift shopping for the dads in your life. Or maybe you just haven't found the chance to shop for something special and unique.

As a mom myself, I know all about your limited nonexistent free time, so I've done the leg-work for you and created a list of truly wonderful handmade gifts for this Father's Day. From heart-warming to lighthearted to downright funny, this list is sure to have what you're looking for!

So, without further ado, here it is: Handmade Father's Day Gifts under $75!

For the Dad who Loves Science:

Sound Wave Printable Art

This unique print shows the sound waves of your children's voices saying something sweet like, "We love you, daddy!" Each sound wave is represented in a different color and it can be customized to whatever color scheme you like best. So whether you'd like to give your husband a sweet message from your children or the sound waves of you reminding him to take out the damn garbage (again), this print does the trick. Starting at only $14.99, this is perfect for families with a budget and men who have everything.

Handcrafted Magnetic Levitation Sculpture

This tiny kinetic sculpture speaks to my geeky soul. For the dads who love science, this desk gadget is the perfect gift. Standing at 4" tall, this little wand has some serious entertainment power. Each hand crafted sculpture is made from bismuth metal and comes with cube magnets that float and spin inside the little notch for hours on end. This piece is fun and beautiful, so you won't even mind if it finds a permanent spot on your kitchen counter! Want to watch it in action? See it here!

Hygrometer / Thermometer Desk Clock

For all the weather obsessed dads, this desk clock is something they'll love. Hand cut from your choice of wood, each desk clock is about 7"x 4" and tells the time, temperature and humidity. It's small enough to be unobtrusive, beautiful enough to look like decoration, and still extremely practical! Everyone needs a clock at their desk, but the weather geek in your life will love having his own thermometer and hygrometer!

For the Hipster Dad:

Reusable Lunch Bag

This faux "brown paper bag" is exactly what every hipster dad wants to tote his lunch in. Unique? Check. Functional? Definitely. Attractive? You bet. Eco-friendly? 100%. Each waxed canvas bag is about 8" x 4" x 14", so there's plenty of room for that vegan tofu soybean wrap and a few snacks. Want to get matching lunch bags for the whole family? You're in luck! These green bags come in an array of colors and patterns that are perfect for everyone.

Vegan Beard Balm

Take another look at that product title. Vegan. Beard. Balm. How hipster can you get?! It's too perfect. Seriously, though, if the dad in your life is a hipster, chance are he's got a beard. Every man with a beard needs a little beard balm to keep his facial "do" in check. And if you haven't experienced the magic yet, you need to. If you fantasize about dry shaving your guy's beard in his sleep, trust me: this will change your mind. This beard balm is made with coconut oil, shea butter and candelilla wax, and has hints of cedar and oak, so it's luscious but masculine. You'll love it, he'll love it, it'll be a party.

Vegan Citrus Sandalwood Aftershave

If that beard balm still hasn't got you convinced, this may be more your speed. If Dad absolutely can't stand the stubble (or if it makes you and the kids crazy having to snuggle up to a sandpaper cheek), this aftershave lotion will be a perfect gift for him. Made with vegan friendly ingredients, this lotion moisturizes the skin without making it greasy and has a wonderfully subtle woodsy scent. Help him make shaving less of a chore with this great lotion!

Pocket Watch Tie Clip

Everyone knows that hipsters love dressing well, and dressing well means accessorizing well. What better accessory than a pocket watch and a tie clip all rolled into one? Fitted with a 2" antique bronze pocket watch, this tie clip is the perfect fashion statement: it's functional, unique and casual enough for every day wear.

For the Avid Reader:

Poe Inspired Raven Art

"Quoth the Raven 'Nevermore.'" This dark and beautiful print is perfect for the Poe loving dad; and, let's face it: who doesn't love Poe? It features a beautiful raven perched on a tree entangled in red twine. This gift serves double-duty: it feeds his desire for all things book related and makes a beautiful statement piece on the wall.

New Paperback Book Scented Soy Candle

Some people love that old book smell, and some prefer the scent of new books. If the dad you're gifting is the type to get high on the smell of a bookstore, this candle will make him swoon. You heard me. I've found a way to make a man swoon. This mild candle smells of paper, Fresh ink, and sawdust. This candle will make him feel like he's flipping through the newest release from his favorite author. WIN.

Tolkien Quote Iron Bookmark

Readers need bookmarks. End of story. And while the avid reader will use literally anything that is within hand's reach (paperclips, business cards, napkins, the list goes on), it's always a bonus to have a really bad ass bookmark. This fantastic handcrafted bookmark is literally forged by a blacksmith from an iron bar. (I told you! Bad ass.) The bookmarks can have any message you want, so if Dad is more into Orwell than Tolkien, that's no problem. Who ever knew that a bookmark could be so masculine?

For the Sentimental Dad:

Fill-in-the-Blank Printable

This simple card is so fun for dad's with young children. It's like Mad Libs for kids! When you ask a kiddo questions like how old daddy is, what his job is, and why he's awesome, hilarity is certain to ensue. On sale for less than $2.00, this memorable gift is a steal and sure to melt anyone's heart.

Hand Stamped Bar Necklace / Keychain

This gift is advertised as a necklace, but I think it would make a beautiful key chain. The silver bar can be hand stamped with any word, date or [very short] message you can dream up. It's simple and masculine, and sure to make a heart-warming gift Dad will absolutely love.

Custom Child Illustration

What's better than a great photo of your children? I'll tell you: a custom painted watercolor portrait of your children. This gift is for a physical painting that would be absolutely stunning hung anywhere in your home. What better gift for the truly sentimental father than an original, one of a kind custom painting? He is sure to love this.


So, there you have it! I hope I've helped you to find the perfect hand made gift for the fathers in your life. What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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